OS Xで音楽作る(或はDTM)

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14 March 2004

Dear Muzycians,

After a long debate with some of my closest friends & relatives, I have decided to have a deep re-think about Muzys' evolution.

We're all convinced that Muzys has a huge potential and is a ground-breaking sequencer-studio.

But we also know that it needs some extra kicks under the ass to reveal that huge potential.

At this point, i cannot make any guarantees on how things are going to develop. That's why the shop has been closed, as I don't want to make any falls promises towards new customers.

Let me emphasize that my passion for music & technology is Alive & Kicking ! And that it is thanks to you, the enthusiast Muzys Users, that Muzys has come so far already !

And the story is not over !

Best whishes,